Journey of a Photographer into Interactive Art with Sumay (Otherhalf Studio)

Journey of a Photographer into Interactive Art with Sumay (Otherhalf Studio)
Date: 15th November 2018
Time: 7pm
Entrance Fee: RM5 (Free for Scoopie)

Through their continuous dynamic and need to take their work into different creative avenues, Sumay Cheah from Otherhalf Studio will share the journey, the thoughts and process on how to turn your art into an interactive and purposeful piece through this talk. She will also share on how a simple imagery can be turned into something entirely different and surreal.

Following the talk, a mini mobile photography workshop will be conducted.

You're just one step away from becoming the visual artist you aspire to be!

What To Expect At This Talk:
- A short introduction on who Otherhalf Studio is, and why they do what they do.
- Defining interactive art, and how you can turn your art into something bigger and purposeful.
- Defining what an Artist Voice is and finding your Artist Voice.
- How to overcome creative blocks.
- The thoughts and the process behind creating immersive visuals (the process of Otherhalf Studio's works and how it's like behind the scenes).
- Get ready to be WOW-ed by how a simple imagery can be transformed into something totally different.

What Will You Learn?
- How to be versatile in your art (art carries no boundaries; you are what you wish to be)
- How to create art with a story and meaning.
- How to overcome creative blocks.
- The journey of a photographer into the world of motion and interactive art.

Sumay C is a brand consultant by day and photographer by night. She also contributes to travel & fashion magazines. She has dabbled in the art of photography since a very young age and has always been drawn to the play between light and shadow; a signature style seen in most of her creations. Audiences can expect to be taken on a ride of extremity as her works are often mysteriously dreamy & surreal.

OtherHalf was conceived as an avenue for both of Sumay C and Arty Guava to harness their creative energy to create something special through art and design. As the name suggests, this is a partnership between 2 uniquely different artists. They fill in the gaps for one another and as a unit, they are elevating their creative works beyond their individual capabilities. Good things do come in pairs!
Thu Nov 15, 2018
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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General Admission SOLD OUT RM5.00
Venue Address
46, Pengkalan Weld, George Town Malaysia
Scoopoint Co-working